Capital Projects

Built assets and infrastructure are as relevant in the developed world as they are in the emerging. Innovative solutions in Engineering and Construction, lower costs, embracing technology and faster delivery propel nations towards sustainable development goals. We are here to deliver management expertise and innovative solutions all through the developmental life cycle.




Communications can make or break an individual, a brand, and organization. Whether in the private or public sphere, whether for individuals or groups, whether for companies or brands, we advise based on your objectives, the best plan, platform and messaging that can help you achieve your goals.

Entertainment & Media


There is no discourse today that does not end up in or revolve around the entertainment and media sphere. We understand the industry as a standalone, and we also understand its impact on other areas.

Government, Public Services & PPP

Experience working with with governments, other governing bodies, as well as the private sector has shown the growing importance and relevance of the need for public and private sectors to have a mutual, even if basic, understanding of what drives success. We bring this holistic view to the solutions we provide for our clients in the public sector.

hospitality and lesiure

Hospitality & Lesiure

This is an area that is increasing in importance for emerging markets, as a new revenue generating stream is being captured. It is also an avenue that allows you to provide so much differential.

IT & Telecommunications

Is there any need to mention that today’s world is a digital one? Simply put, if you are in need of skills in this area, or for one-off solutions to be designed & developed, we will provide you with a custom fit.

Manufacturing (Retail & Consumer)

As long as there is life, there is the consumer and there is retail. The way the consumer sees, behaves and consumes is continuously evolving though. One size fits all approaches do not work. We have a real opportunity to work with our clients to deliver efficient customized solutions to reach their goals in this all-important area.